Topics : Coaching options

Create preparation questions for the next coaching meeting

The preparation of the client for his next coaching meeting is one of the key elements of his progression.

Here is how to create the questions that will be available in the “my next meeting” tab of the Customer Area . An automatic reminder will also be sent to your clients 24 hours before your next meeting.

1. Go to the “settings” tab.

2. Select “Preparation question”

The coaching options offer you the “Modify questions” button:

3. You will then have access to questions, you can modify them, add some, inspire you, etc…


Click on the " Add a question " button

A. The X to remove the question.
B. To inspire you, the “Suggestions” button
C. You can reorder the order of your questions.

4. Make your changes and save.

The questions are created in real time, as soon as you make a modification, it will be automatically available in the Customer Area .

You can view the answers to your client’s questions in the “Preparation” section of the coaching panel .

EXAMPLE in the Customer Area

Your clients can answer questions for their next meeting and view responses from previous weeks.