Topics : Dashboard


The COGNITO-app dashboard allows you to quickly consult various indicators concerning your activities and statistics concerning your professional practice and your company.

NB The COGNITO-app team adds, over time, new panels available. These automatically appear at the top of your dashboard. This allows you to know them and you always have the choice to withdraw them. You can reactivate them in the dashboard options, according to the procedure below.

How to add panels to your dashboard

To add the panels you need, you need to:

1. Go to the settings
2.Select “dashboard options”:
3. Make your choice among the panels that interest you:


How to add and adjust your panels according to your preferences

You can specify the space and position of each panel that will be presented in your dashboard:


1 - Add a new panel.
2 - Indicate the width (half for full width).
3 - Reorder its display position in the order of your choice.
4- Remove the panel
You now have a personalized dashboard according to your needs.