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Statistics in COGNITO Coach

Statistics are used to help you face the many challenges facing your professional practice and in the development of your business. The amount of information available in COGNITO Coach allows you to get relevant and quality statistics that will allow you to make informed strategies and make optimal decisions.

How do I access my statistics in COGNITO Coach ?

You have access to the statistics in the "COGNITO Coach dashboard" section.

Two representations of the statistics are available to you:

border inline Statistics which represent a “snapshot” of the situation shown by the graph

  1. Coaching procedures by status

border inline Statistics that “evolve over time” shown by the graph

  1. Objective progress points
  2. Revenues billed
  3. Simultaneous coaching approaches
  4. New contacts
  5. The completed hours of coaching
  6. The appreciation of coaching

For statistics that change over time, you can apply a search filter to refine your results.


Over time, other statistics will become available, you will always have the choice to view in your dashboard those that are relevant to you.