Topics : Invoicing and receipt of payment

Complete meeting billing details

Validate the information in the first section:


1- Duration of the meeting.
2- The amount to be invoiced according to the type of service provided.
3- You can apply the amount to all lines of the invoice.

Then indicate who should be billed:


1- Add the participant (s) to this activity, (only those linked to this activity will be available).
2- Add other customers to invoice. An invoice will be made for each of them.

Third section

You still have to validate the information in order to create the invoice.


1- The general information entered in the first section can be found here.

2- Automatically , COGNITO Coach keeps this activity to be invoiced in the Invoicing module.

3- Your client would like ** to pay immediately **? Simply click on Invoice Now to create the invoice.

4- You can delete the information entered for this line.