Topics : Invoicing and receipt of payment Version 2022.4

How do I send an automatic payment reminder?

Automatic payment reminders allow you to tell your customer that a payment has arrived after the due date.

To enable this feature, you must:

1- Go to the settings inline

2- Select the button “Billing parametersborder inline

3-In the first section and click on modify.


4- Different information about your billing is available.

5- Click on the tab "Payment Reminder " "inline

6- Check the box**"Payment Reminder Active "** and fill in the other information as needed.


  1. Enable automatic payment reminders.
  2. Indicate the due date of your invoices. 3.compose the automatic reminder message that you can also set your automatic text in multilingual for this text field.
  3. Note that the automatic payment reminders will be kept in the client’s file.