Topics : Version 2022.4 Videoconference

How to schedule a videoconference?

To have access to videoconferencing, you will have to plan an activity in which you will have to activate Cognito Coach’s videoconferencing


To end the activity and end the videoconference, complete the activity.

  • Only the person in charge of the activity can enter the room before a meeting. Participants will enter automatically at the time of the meeting. If the person in charge of the activity has not arrived, a message informs the participants that the meeting will begin soon.

  • For customers with an active Customer Space , a section dedicated to videoconferencing will automatically open at the time of the appointment.

  • For participants who do not have a Customer Area , a link will be sent by email. They can use it without having to download anything.

To learn more about videoconferencing, we invite you to read the article general information about videoconferencing .

NB : In the coming months, videoconferencing will be constantly evolving. We invite you to contact us for any suggestions or comments: