Topics : FAQ (frequently asked questions) Version 2022.4

How do I attach a file in Cognito Coach?

To attach files of all types (media, documents, audio, video, hyperlink, pdf…) in Cognito Coach, you click on the following iconsinline available in several places in the platform.

You will have access to the following choices:


  1. File: Allows you to import a file of any type from your computer, your Cloud etc.
  2. Audio: Allows you to record an audio clip and store it in the platform.
  3. Video: Allows you to record live video and import existing video.
  4. Link: Allows to include a hyperlink of all types.
  5. Library: Allows you to attach a file of any type that you have in your library in Cognito Coach


It is easier to find a file when it has a clear title. Next to your file, you can indicate its title or an explanation of its function.


  1. Note: to write a clarification, explanation, title, message, etc.
  2. X: To remove this file
  3. Down arrow: To download the file to your computer, cloud etc.