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COGNITO Coach's level of security

What does COGNITO Coach do to ensure data protection?

  • We pay careful and rigorous attention to data security and privacy.
  • We use technical safeguards to protect the integrity and security of your information.
  • We make backup copies daily, to facilitate data recovery if necessary.
  • All transmissions from their computer or mobile application are encrypted using HTTPS (SSL).
  • COGNITO Coach uses cryptographic hash functions to protect their information.
  • All credit card transactions are secured through a PCI compliant credit card gateway and banking networks.
  • Customers have direct access to their personal information via their Customer Space.
  • COGNITO Coach does not keep any banking information on its servers.
  • Application data is hosted in data centers where the level of security is rigorous. Our partner is AWS which meets the standards of GDPR and more in terms of data and place security.

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