Topics : Version 2022.4 Videoconference

General information about videoconferencing.

Cognito-Coach’s integrated and confidential videoconference (or videoconference) allows you to experience a virtual meeting while having access to the information contained in the Coach Space platform and in the Customer Space.

  • For the coach : a section will automatically open at the top or to the left of your window, depending on the space available.

  • For customers with access to their space : A section will automatically open for them in their Space at the time of the appointment.

  • For a participant who does not have a Customer Space : A personalized link will be sent to him and valid only for the meeting.

  • Each videoconference link is unique per participant and valid for the scheduled activity only.

  • This feature allows meetings with one or more participants.

  • Each participant has access to a unique and valid link for the time of the meeting only.

  • Only the person in charge of the activity can enter the room before a meeting.

  • Participants will enter automatically at the time of the meeting. If the person in charge of the activity has not arrived, a message informs the participants that the meeting will begin soon.

For Apple (MacOs) customers using Chrome , you may need to change your security and privacy settings to allow screen sharing. See how