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Progress report

The progress report is the production of a visual summary of the entire coaching process of a client. It is used to provide a tripartite client, for example, with a report indicating only the authorized information. It is based on an extract from the information contained in the coaching process and the coaching plan .


Some sections can be removed depending on your needs and the information you want to convey to your client.

To do so, click on the “Remove a section” tab.


You will then be able to choose certain sections that you wish to remove from the progress report.


The progress report provides a visual summary of the following information:

1. The name of the objectives.

2. The history of the meetings.

3. History of objectives.

You will find the following sections:


1. The date of the report.

2. The main information of the coaching plan .

3. The list of meetings carried out


4. The objectives of the plan.

5. The current state of all goals.

6. The current status of progress for each goal.


7. The current state of progress of goals per encounter.