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Menu-Coaching procedures in Cognito Coach

To view all of your coaching procedures or to create a new one:

In the “Coaching process” tab, you have access to the following information:


  • The number of ongoing coaching initiatives through your clientele.
  • You can create a new coaching process for a client or search for an existing one.
  • You can check that you want to see all the procedures that have been completed in addition to those “in progress”.
  • The filter to determine the order in which you want your coaching approaches to be presented to you.

For each process, the visual summary offers you different information:


  • The title
  • The number of objectives associated with its development plan
  • Client’s name
  • The status of the Customer Area
  • The number of actions taken by the client.
  • The number of messages waiting to be read in Discussions
  • The date of your next meeting
  • The progress of the coaching process (the number of meetings held versus the number of meetings planned).
  • An icon indicating the “state of health” of the coaching process.

Green: Everything is fine.
Yellow: Something needs to be checked.
Red: You must take an action.