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Make attachments accessible in the Customer Area

Since 2020.6 Here are the points in this documentation which concern the new features of this version.

  • Points 2, 3 and 4

As soon as a client has access to his Client Space , you can share with him all the attachments of his coaching activities and his client file.

1 - To indicate whether the information is visible to my client or not, you have two icons:

  • Visibleborder inline via his Customer Area, he can consult this attachment, it is visible to him.
  • Is not visibleborder inline With a red bar which indicates that the part is invisible in the Customer Area .

2 - Where is it available?

You can indicate in all the activities (meeting / call / training /…) which attachments are available in the Client Area of participants in these activities.

On the other hand, especially for coaching activities, only the first participant (the coachee) can see and add attachments from their Customer Area.

3 - What does the customer see?

As soon as the part is visible to your client, he will see a notification in front of his “My Documents” module and in front of the activity or general folder that contains the new attachment.

By clicking on its attachment, the notification will disappear:

And by opening the associated section, it will see the new attachment:

4 - And he receives an email?

Yes, as with discussions, if he has not consulted the attachment within the hour, he will receive an email informing him to go to his Customer Area to consult his new document.

Please note that your customer can change their notification frequency from their Customer Space.