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How to formulate a clear and effective objective

Clear and effective goals are essential ingredients of the coaching plan . Without action, a goal remains a dream! So, it is imperative to take the time to formulate it properly.

There are several methods to make creating a goal easier. Cognito Coach is flexible and has no restrictions on how a goal is worded.

The following section is only an example, there are several models.

TIP to help you in formulating the objective (inspired by the RAMPS or SMART method)

From the _________

I want to achieve__________________

I will know that I have achieved my result because: __________________

And achieving this goal will allow me to ________________________

Ideas for reflection on the optimal formulation of an objective

  • Is your goal simple and easily understandable?
  • Do your client’s goals target outcomes related to increased knowledge or skills, or changes in attitudes, values or behaviors?
  • Did you use action verbs so that the objectives are oriented towards specific results?
  • Are you using a positive form?
  • Does your client have the resources to achieve this goal? (financial, knowledge, networks, personal energy, momentum, etc.)