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The coaching plan

The coaching plan is a valuable and differentiating tool for coaches. It makes it possible to go from dream to reality in a transparent process that facilitates the measurement of the achievement of results.

To start a coaching plan in Cognito Coach , either add it to a coaching process already in progress or you must first create a coaching process for your client.

You will find in several places in the platform, the option to modify a coaching process , which allows you to add a plan:


Then you complete the following sections:


1. The challenge of coaching

The stake is the reason why this coaching takes place. It therefore indicates what motivates the client to use the coaching services to reach his target, what will happen if he succeeds in achieving his goals? If not, what will be the consequences?

2 . Goals

The objectives are essential to the coaching plan and to the success of the process. They must be well formulated and precise, in order to establish the frame of reference necessary for coaching to reach the target of a coaching process .
All the power of the coaching plan is found here, in the objectives. From the moment you create goals, Cognito Coach sets up:

  • The opportunity to adjust progress by objective, at each meeting, via the coaching panel
  • The progress report details the evolution of each objective and a current state of the situation …
  • Your customer, via his Customer Space , can consult his progress, and thus maintain his motivation.

3. Notes

Add notes that will clarify the objective if necessary.

4. The color of the objectives

You have the choice of colors for each goal which allows them to be differentiated in the progress report and in the display of these in different places in Cognito Coach .