Topics : Version 2021.3 Client Space General

What does the COGNITO Coach Customer Center look like?

As soon as your client accepts his invitation to his Client Space , he obtains access to all the information he needs for his coaching meetings and to follow his progress.

The Customer Area is in your logo and your corporate colors if you have indicated it in Cognito Coach .


In this space he will have access to:

  • Update their profile (their contact details which are automatically updated in your client file.)
  • Select your approach
  • Chat with your coach
  • Consult and schedule appointments
  • Track your goals
  • Adjust and monitor your requests (or action to be taken to achieve your goals)
  • Fill out your forms (ex: preparation for a meeting)
  • Access documents (of all types)
  • Read the coach’s guides
  • Consult and print your progress report
  • Track billing (payment and receipts)
  • See the description of your coach

If you want to experience this space it is possible to do so by connecting with your demo client. (see welcome on board in Cognito Coach).