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Visual identity and use of the COGNITO and COGNITO Coach logo

Visual identity of COGNITO and COGNITO COACH

Would you like to use the COGNITO Coach logo for your service offers, documents etc.? It is our pleasure to provide you with our logo in different forms and formats.

Our visual identity is an important object of intellectual property, the use of which is subject to rules of protection. If you have permission to use our identity, please follow the guidelines in this document.

We hope you find these guidelines useful and inspire you in your future work.

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Symbolism of our logo


The concept of our logo is inspired by Asian culture, where the elephant is renowned for its great memory. It is even said of him that he surpasses all other beasts in intelligence and spirit. Between the animal’s paws, there is a lock evoking COGNITO’s ability to deal with sensitive information. In addition, the icon somewhat represents the interior of a human brain with its circuits.


We ask you to use the logo in its original form. In no case can it be modified. It is forbidden to distort the proportions, to add elements to the logo, to modify the colors and to place the logo on an inappropriate background.

Cognito Coach logo download:

Horizontal logo in png or jpg


Vertical logo in png or jpg


Cognito Client logo download:


Do you have questions or would like another format?

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