Topics : User Profile

Complete my company profile

Here’s how to fill out your business profile information.



1. The name of your business.

2. A brief description thereof.

3. Add your logo.

4. Indicate the corporate colors of your business.

5. Customize the Customer Area in your corporate colors, otherwise, by default, the colors of COGNITO-app will appear.

6. See a visual preview of:

  • The header of the Customer Area


  • The header of your clients’ invitation web page


    Here is the visual when they go to connect for the first time to their Customer Area


  • The header of your emails and notifications for your customers

Example of email notification


7. Contact details for your business.

8. Add details as needed.

The information you enter in your company profile will be reused in all COGNITO-app environments (Coach, Client, Manager), when necessary.