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Synchronize COGNITO Coach to the Microsoft Outlook calendar


Cognito Coach connects to Outlook through a link between Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. Activation is therefore done in a few steps:

1 - Add the COGNITO calendar in Google Calendar

Go to the article

2 - Extract the calendar link from Google Calendar

2.1 Go to your Google Calendar: and select the calendar that you indicated in step 1, and go to the settings:

  1. Select the agenda
  2. Tap the calendar menu
  3. select Settings and sharing

2.2 Retrieve the private address of the agenda in ICal format:

  1. Select the “Integrate diary” submenu of your diary section
  2. Copy the private address to the clipboard (right-click -> copy or CTRL + C)

3 - Add the private address in Microsoft Outlook

3.1 Go to the account settings:

  1. Tap File

  2. In the Information section

  3. Select the Account Settings box

  4. And finally, select Account Settings …

3.2 Add the Internet calendar

In the window named Account Settings

  1. Select the Internet Calendars tab
  2. Press the New button
  3. Paste the copy of the address made in step 2.2
  4. Tap Add

Then confirm your addition

  1. Enter the name of the folder of your choice. COGNITO seems appropriate to us: o)
  2. Press OK to finish adding

And finally

You can then close the account settings, and go to your Outlook calendar. If all went well, you will see your Cognito Coach activities in your Outlook calendar.