Topics : Online appointment booking Version 2023.1

Configurer la prise de RDV en ligne

When you enable online appointment booking, clients can schedule an appointment directly with you from your website, their ** Client Area ** etc. Find out here how to configure the settings for online appointment booking.

IMPORTANT : Make sure you have enabled in settingsinline your ** online availabilities **


To enable online appointment scheduling, you must create a schedule with a unique activity. This way, you can include a form to fill out, a minimum payment, etc.

A- Click on the program tab in the module menu inline

B- Create a new program inline


1- Give it a name, for example: (Online appointment booking, qualification call, discovery call, prospecting call, strategic call, etc.)

2- In the type of program, choose “Single activity”.

Fill in the information in the different tabs


In the Information tab

indicate a description of the activity that will be visible to current or future customers.


In the Activities to create tab

Enter activity details

In the “Payment plan” tab

Indicate the fees associated with this activity.

In the Online registration tab

Indicate if you want this program to be visible online in order to generate its web link.