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Referral program

We have set up a Cognito Coach referral program to thank all the people who recommend us to other coaches who want to have a strong, sustainable and very profitable coaching business!

How it works? Easy!

You invite a coach to try the Cognito Coach platform and as soon as he starts paying for his subscription , you receive 5% discount applicable on your next renewal, and this as long as the person remains a subscriber.

The goal of the game is simple, the more you refer the more you get .

Here is the procedure to follow:

1. In your Subscription , under the “Referencing Rewards” option, click on the “Invite coaches” button.


2. A window explaining the referral program will open.

INTERESTING : You have in this window in the blue section a personalized link for you that you can launch in your network, whether you are a client or in evaluation.

For anyone who subscribes with this personalized SEO link, Cognito Coach will remember it came from you. Come back often to this window to see all the subscribers you have referred, to see the status of their subscription!


3. By clicking on “Invite a coach” you can directly invite coaches by their email address.

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