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Recommend COGNITO Coach to another coach

This article assumes you are in the referrals section

Since 2020.4 Here are the points in this documentation which concern the new features of this version.

  • Point 1: Customizable link to launch in your network in order to facilitate referencing to anyone interested in a tool like COGNITO-app, whether you are a customer or in evaluation you have this possibility.

To recommend COGNITO Coach to another coach, here’s how:

1- Click on “Invite coach” or send him your personalized link.


You have in this window in the blue section a personalized link for you that you can launch in your network, whether you are a customer or in evaluation. This unique link will allow, if a person who used it to subscribe to Congito-app, to make you benefit from the 5% discount applicable per person who subscribes. We will apply it to your subscription. You launch the link in your network and that’s it, the rest is automatic!

2- Enter your guest’s email address and write them a personalized message. Otherwise, the default COGNITO-app message will appear.


3- And there you have it, the invitation is out!

4- To view the status of the invitations and your discounts, simply click on the discount section of your “Subscription” .


5- Here is an example of the details of the status of your invitations and discounts


“Consult the referral program” .