Topics : Subscription Referral

View my COGNITO Coach subscription

To view the details of your subscription you must go to the options menu at the top right and select “Subscription” .


You will have access to the following interface:



  1. The name of the edition of the acquired package.
  2. Information on the type of plan (annual or monthly) and the renewal and the next payment.
  3. If your plan is in use , you will find the number of billable activities for the current month.
  4. The percentage of discounts related to the referral program .
  5. If your plan is in use , you will find the estimated amount to be paid for the current month.
  6. Your credit card information.
    Our company does not keep any credit card numbers on its servers . All payment information remains on the online payment company’s transactional site.
  7. Your registered billing address (which you can change as needed).
  8. Additional information to answer your questions.
  9. The history of your transactions.