Topics : Invoicing and receipt of payment Forms Multilingual Version 2022.4

How to activate a multilingual text field for sending automatic text?

This feature is for coaches who have clients in the different languages available in the platform.

It allows you to have different versions of the text of an automatic message in the language your client uses.

When this option is available for a text field, an inline border button is visible (mainly in forms and in billing settings).

To activate the multilingual you must:

1- Click on the inline borderbutton that is located above the text field

2- Choose the language of the text

3 - Compose the text in this language

4- You can add a language

5 - The default language is the one in which the contact will receive the information if the language is not defined in his profile. For example, if your contact’s language is “French” and this field does not yet have a text for this language, the text “Default” will be used.